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I. Structuring Ownership

a. Choice of Entity

b. Tax Considerations

c. Founders Agreements

d. Joint Ventures


II. Raising Money

a. Securities Law Primer

b. Convertible Equity

c. Straight Debt

d. Venture Capital


III. Intellectual Property

a. Copyright

b. Trademark

c. Patent

d. Trade Secret

e. Right of Publicity


IV. Cyberlaw

a. E-Commerce and Sales of Goods and Services

b. Domains and Web Design

c. IP Licensing and Assignments

d. Social Media


V. Employment

a. The Contract and its Restrictions

b. Classifying Employees

c. Invention Assignments and Works Made for Hire

d. Employment Taxes

e. Benefits

f. Records and Audits


VI. Insurance

a. General Liability

b. Errors and Omissions


VII. Business Income Taxes

a. The Importance of Good Bookkeeping

b. Ordinary Income and Deductions

c. Capital Gains


VIII. Mergers and Acquisitions

a. Negotiations and Due Diligence

b. Types of Deals

c. Tax Considerations


IX. Bankruptcy

a. Chapter 7

b. Chapter 11

c. Chapter 13


X. Estate Planning for the Business Owner

a. Succession Planning

b. The Living Trust

c. Preferred Equity, Limited Partners, and Discounting